Bubbles, Beer and Burgers Festival!


We will be performing at Bubbles, Beer and Burgers Festival!

The event will take place at Northwood Crusaders sports club in Durban North, on Saturday the 1st of September. We are up at 13:00 so get there early!

The festival not only has the sickest Durban local line up performing all day long, but there will be awesome chow on sale, and beers, and champagne! Oh life.

It’s my birthday the next day so be sure to buy me beers and such.

Some info:


12:00 – Stone Palace
13:00 – Roachy and the Rock Coaches
14:00 – The North & South
15:00 – Freddy L
16:00 – Matt Gardiner
17:00 – Black Wiskey
18:00 – Easy Freak
19:00 – Perez
20:00 – Josh Wantie
21:00 – Veranda Panda


Roast Co
Skinny Hippo
Tornado Twisters
Clucking Good
Plan B Dessertery
Salt Rock Espresso


Main Bar (with spirits this year)
The Gin Journey
Mini Bubbly Bar
The Boepens Bar

Check out the facebook event for more information and ticket links:
Facebook: Bubbles, Beer and Burgers

See you there!


Splashy Fen 2018 Retrospective!


Splashy Fen!

Man, it felt good being back, performing my new material.

As a human, this was my 17th Splashy Fen Festival in a row. Next year, my Splashy Experience will be old enough to drink.  I’ve probably played about 6 or 7 Splashies in my time with Mr Smug and Sheep Down, but that was ages ago. It was the first Splashy I performed as Roachy and the Rock Coaches. Stoked.

As a veteran, I can tell you that this festival is just getting better and better. It’s the same awesome jol, but comfortable, and pleasant. It may have something to do with my amazing collection of camp gear I’ve accumulated over the years, but more than that, the layout and attention to detail is well appreciated. I saw Mango Groove completely own a massive South African crowd once again, ala Splashy 2016. I saw a duo, the Pierce Brothers from down under somewhere, that absolutely took the cake. Okes played drums on other okes’ guitars, harmonica in one hand, didgeridoo in the other, and there was a stage fireworks display that singed eyebrows, wow. A super welcome unexpected surprise.

One of the mornings at the River Stage, Skeg and I joined Mali Zulu on stage for one of their epic numbers, “We Are Strong”, and I hit a cool stage dive into the crowd to exit the stage. Thanks for catching me guys, keep that going.

Take a look at the photo’s (above) of us on the Treehouse Stage on Sunday evening. Thanks to everyone who ignored the pesky rain, buckled down for one more night, and saw Splashy out with us.

Well done to Stu Berry and crew for putting on a great festival and for having us along for the ride!

Can’t wait for next year.

Follow us to keep up to date with the new release coming as soon as I sort out those extra vocals.

Shot charns,



We’re coming to Splashy Fen 2018!


We are super excited to announce that we have been booked to play Splashy Fen 2018!

We will be performing as an acoustic duo on Sunday 1st April 2018 on the Treehouse Stage. Our slot is at 18:30, right after Shane Strachan, and just before Ard Matthews.

See you there for another epic fest!




We’re off to FORR FEST Mozambique!



After rocking this fest for the last 2 years running, as fans of live music, good times, and the beautiful country that is Mozambique, our dreams have come true. We are booked to play at FORR FEST for the first time ever!

The festival is happening from the 7th – 10th September 2017, in the nearby Mozam town of Ponta Malongane.

It’s an amazing location with the beach on our doorstep, drinks and food on sale, and of course music all weekend! I am too amped to park off in paradise, sipping a beer, enjoying this vibe.

The line up is looking particularly sick this year, with the likes of Grassy Spark bring the Cape Town ska vibe, and JHB DJ and friend Lil’ Bow mixing the sweet tunes, yus… I cannot wait.

Check out FORR FEST for more infomration and tickets.

Lukka my charns,

“Rooftops” – Live Video by Tripping Over @ The Great Zululand Music Festival

Wow. Eshowe. The Great Zululand Music Festival. Thank you!

Such great musicians and an super crowd. We had a lot of fun and made many friends at this amazing festival!

Thank you to Richard Chennels and The George Hotel for having us.

The guys over at Tripping Over filmed this live video of us jamming in their sweet ass campervan. Check out their page and youtube channel!

Also thank you to Eric Kruse for the rad photos!

March 2017 gigs!

Hey folks!

We got ourselves 2 shows happening in the month of March:

Jack Rabbits Final Live Music BashJackRabbitsRovers

Saturday 25 March 2017
Berea Rovers
3pm till late

Amsterdam Bar


Friday 31 March 2017
Amsterdam Bar (Davenport)

Pull in for some serious nostalgia on the 25th, and some razzle dazzle on the 31st!

Lekka soos a krekka

Roachy ❤


We are booked to play The Great Zululand Music Festival!


It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have been booked to play The Great Zululand Music Festival!

The festival is happening at Pablo Esco Bar at The George Hotel in Eshowe. It is set to be a banger as we join many super rad, established artists on the lineup such as Gerald Clark, Nick Pitman & Josh Swanson, Clayton Human, Jon Shaban, Mali Zulu, Rusty Red, Laurie Levine, Naming James, Gemma Griffiths, and Dave Stark & The Fishwives.

The dates for the festival are 20th – 23rd April 2017, and we will be performing on Friday the 21st.

Tickets are available here:

Check out their Facebook page for more information:

New member! Aweh!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Paul “Skeg” Jones has been added to the line up on the bass guitar!

Skeg understands the Roachy vibes – he also comes from a similar musical background.

He has played in numerous bands over the years, including the long running Durban punk-ska outfit, “Lowprofile”.

I look forward to many gigs and tours together with this homeboy!

New website is up!

Haai julle!

Roachy here… so I decided to get all DIY, and I created this website using WordPress (for free even). It will be a portal for you to access all the latest news and content from the band – as well as linking you to the myriad of sites involved in running a band (social medias and music sites)

I will be posting blogs regarding all the happenings in the lives of Roachy and his Rock Coaches!

Feel free to comment and share!

Thanks guys!