Bubbles, Beer and Burgers Festival!


We will be performing at Bubbles, Beer and Burgers Festival!

The event will take place at Northwood Crusaders sports club in Durban North, on Saturday the 1st of September. We are up at 13:00 so get there early!

The festival not only has the sickest Durban local line up performing all day long, but there will be awesome chow on sale, and beers, and champagne! Oh life.

It’s my birthday the next day so be sure to buy me beers and such.

Some info:


12:00 – Stone Palace
13:00 – Roachy and the Rock Coaches
14:00 – The North & South
15:00 – Freddy L
16:00 – Matt Gardiner
17:00 – Black Wiskey
18:00 – Easy Freak
19:00 – Perez
20:00 – Josh Wantie
21:00 – Veranda Panda


Roast Co
Skinny Hippo
Tornado Twisters
Clucking Good
Plan B Dessertery
Salt Rock Espresso


Main Bar (with spirits this year)
The Gin Journey
Mini Bubbly Bar
The Boepens Bar

Check out the facebook event for more information and ticket links:
Facebook: Bubbles, Beer and Burgers

See you there!


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