Roachy and the Rock Coaches rose from the ashes of the Durban punk rock scene and consists of members from Sheep Down and Lowprofile. The band currently performs as both an acoustic duo and a three-piece pop punk band. Originally a solo outfit strumming acoustic punk rhythms, Roachy was joined by Skeg on acoustic bass in late 2017, and together played shows across the country and festivals such as Splashy Fen and the Great Zululand Music Festival. In 2018, they were joined by the third member of the band, Paul THB, a drummer only just better at making beer than playing drums. In August 2019, the duo released their EP titled ‘Going Away’ on all major platforms. ‘Going Away’ which was recorded by Durban scene stalwart Steve Jones at New Noise Studios and mastered by the legendary Habit To rocker Dale Wardell at Audio Suite Studios. The band will also be releasing their first three-piece single “The Show” in 2020, which is a culmination of sounds that the band has developed over the years.