Splashy Fen 2018 Retrospective!


Splashy Fen!

Man, it felt good being back, performing my new material.

As a human, this was my 17th Splashy Fen Festival in a row. Next year, my Splashy Experience will be old enough to drink.  I’ve probably played about 6 or 7 Splashies in my time with Mr Smug and Sheep Down, but that was ages ago. It was the first Splashy I performed as Roachy and the Rock Coaches. Stoked.

As a veteran, I can tell you that this festival is just getting better and better. It’s the same awesome jol, but comfortable, and pleasant. It may have something to do with my amazing collection of camp gear I’ve accumulated over the years, but more than that, the layout and attention to detail is well appreciated. I saw Mango Groove completely own a massive South African crowd once again, ala Splashy 2016. I saw a duo, the Pierce Brothers from down under somewhere, that absolutely took the cake. Okes played drums on other okes’ guitars, harmonica in one hand, didgeridoo in the other, and there was a stage fireworks display that singed eyebrows, wow. A super welcome unexpected surprise.

One of the mornings at the River Stage, Skeg and I joined Mali Zulu on stage for one of their epic numbers, “We Are Strong”, and I hit a cool stage dive into the crowd to exit the stage. Thanks for catching me guys, keep that going.

Take a look at the photo’s (above) of us on the Treehouse Stage on Sunday evening. Thanks to everyone who ignored the pesky rain, buckled down for one more night, and saw Splashy out with us.

Well done to Stu Berry and crew for putting on a great festival and for having us along for the ride!

Can’t wait for next year.

Follow us to keep up to date with the new release coming as soon as I sort out those extra vocals.

Shot charns,



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